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Offering Hope LLC offers professional, personalized support for loved ones and addicts to promote the well-being of all involved parties.

Through a kind, gentle, loving, and respectful process friends and families are guided to gather in support of each other and the one suffering from addiction. The intervention can best be described as a “living eulogy”.  One of the many benefits of an intervention is that loved ones know they have done as much as they can to offer healing to the one they so dearly love.
On-going guidance is provided that helps all parties during the many stages of recovery. As a team, suggestions and alternatives will be explored to promote the healing of all involved parties. Initially, an assessment will be utilized to evaluate and chart a healthy course of action to commence and continue the recovery process. Persistent monitoring and reevaluation during the journey of recovery will be provided to sustain physical and emotional sobriety and overall well-being.
Sober Escort
Transportation is provided for safely escorting individuals to, or from treatment, and/or for all other transportation recovery needs.
Recovery Aide
Much needed assistance is provided for the person leaving treatment to integrate him or her into a personalized, supportive program of recovery. Loved are also supported in a similar way.
Sober Companion/Sober Coaching

A step up from recovery aide; broader, longer term care is provided that offers additional assistance to promote the integration of a sober lifestyle.


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