Survival Guide

If you have had “enough” and are inspired to seek more effective means of coping with a loved one’s addiction.

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"Offering Hope" A Survival Guide
for Those Coping With a Loved One’s Addiction

 By Jim Coddington III

This booklet is for those caught in the trail of the devastating storm caused by addiction. It is a common occurrence, in the midst of such turmoil, for loved ones to find themselves completely baffled with how to deal rationally with such an irrational situation.

The following will offer concise suggestions on how to deal effectively when a loved one’s addictive behavior has become challenging to cope with, if not ­­­­­unbearable. It is a common occurrence for others to arrive at a place of “enough is enough” long before the “qualifier,” to use an Al-Anon term, realizes the unmanageability of his or her life.


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