Here are some kind words about Jim Coddington III and his recovery work ethic.

"Jim inspired me the very first day I met him with a warmth in personal quality and composure that led me to immediately further investigate his Eagle's Gift home for men. In my business of assessment and placement of young adults, trust is everything, and Jim and Eagle's Gift have mine. They are successful in their mission and Jim continues to receive my support".

- Dr. Dr. Mark Burdick
Burdick Psychological and Placement Services
"I have worked with Jim Coddington, and found him to be responsive, diligent, and caring. I recommend Jim to you."
- Dr. Seth C. Kadish
Clinical Director, Milestones Ranch Malibu
"I have participated in many Native American ceremonies with Jim including the sacred Sun Dance. His devotion to the Red Road path shines brilliantly. He applies this same reverence to his recovery work."
 - Robert B
Ceremonial Helper , Oakland, CA

"As our son choose to enter rehabilitation for his drug and alcohol use we were relieved that he had turned the corner to make better choices in his life. Once it was apparent that he was committed to staying with the program my wife and my thoughts turned to what the 'next step' would be. We were concerned that the time that he had put in could falter if the next step in his recovery was not the correct step. Fortunately we were introduced to Eagle's Gift and Jim Coddington.

After speaking with Mr. Coddington and visiting Eagle's Gift we were convinced that this was the correct 'next step' to our son's continuation of his recovery and sober life. Within a month of living with Jim and the others at Eagle's Gift our son was engaging with better course toward life, attending a local college, working on a part time basis, meeting individuals of his own age and interests and attending various meetings to address his new life style. All of these, just two month before, were things that we felt would likely never happen again for our son.

Our son is on his way back to becoming a productive participant in society and life. We understand that there are no guarantees but he is moving in the right direction. Jim Coddington and Eagle's Gift has been a great support and help in our sons 'on-going' recovery and re-entry to life. "

- Parent, Eagle's Gift Former Resident
"Having never lived in a sober community before I was unsure what to expect when I first arrived at Eagle's Gift. From the very first day I felt very comfortable, I was encouraged in all aspects of sober living including employement, 12 step involvement and recreation. The staff at Eagles Gift is easy to talk to, available 24 hours a day and are good listeners. I feel I have grown as a person, both inside and out, as a result of my time at Eagles Gift and would highly recommend it as a place for men who are serious about recovery but not quite ready to be on their own.
  - Former Resident, Eagle's Gift
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